Tuesday, 7 February 2017


Hi there my name is Jane and My son is now a child model but no thanks to Ruby Models and Lamp studios who got us off to a very sad, stressful start. Since Matthew my son was 3-4 I always thought he would make a great child model, other people always used to comment on how cute he was as baby and what a smiler he was. When he reach 6 he grown up even more and he loved being centre of attention and where ever there was a camera Matthew would be in front of it, so after talking with his dad for some time we decided to research child modelling and if it was doable. 
Our story sadly did not start of so well, we got conned out of £3,000 by two companies called Ruby Models and Lamp Studios, the owners Derek Johnson and Byron Jones, these two names will haunt us forever. 
I would not say it was because we were naïve I would say they were just the ultimate scammers, perfect liars and the whole scam was well planned out. 
Everything seemed 100% real, the shoot, the advice, the photos we saw on computer, they seemed genuine, kind and honest but alarm rung when at end of shoot we were asked to pay the full £3k but again with elaborate lies they had won us over and we fell for it hook, line and sinker!! We paid it, we paid with cash as also requested due to their payment system being down (I know right big alarm bell) but trust when you’re in the middle of the whirl wind scam, you are blown away by hope and possibilities and do not look beyond that. We paid and were told in 5 working days we would receive Matthews portfolio and disc, we would have 200 images and will be signed to Ruby models agency. 
Let’s fast forward we are now 5 months down the road and we have never had a portfolio, no communication and not even an email. We were 100% scammed by Ruby Models and Lamp studios and now seems we were not the only one. 

Please be aware of these two spineless men and always about future scams, you need to be alert and know information. 

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