Monday, 31 October 2011

Six Modelling agency platforms Models Review

six  Models http://www.six is the modelling platform that i've decided to go with. they have lots of info on the industry which is really great when you get invited in for an interview you do a test shoot to find out whether or not you've been successful. 

The model assessors then assess all of the pictures taken of you on the day to find out if you can actually model what type of a model you are and if you can model they give you a tailored list of all the agencies that they think would be right for you for you to start applying to they also give you a cover letter to put in your details so you can send of your application to them in a professional way. six  models doesn’t force you to buy the pics –but they are really good quality so i found the images on modelsuk.    Im a mother an thought it was quite assuring that if you’re under the age of 22 you have to come in with a parent. i’ve got my childs appointment booked for next week. the people there explained everything perfectly to me and Im fully aware and prepared of what to expect on the day.
  Here’s a review I found, -models-london-review/If you want good portfolio images I would suggest you pay a professional to do some good ones like six  Models london. There are loads of excellent professional photographers that will do a shoot. You will ultimately benefit because you can use the images to get more work.”

 That’s all I want to do, get my son work from being a model and i've finally found somewhere that’s right for him and i feel happy with.

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