Thursday, 24 November 2011

Six Models Scam? What is Six Models About? is Six an agency?

Six Models  London? What is Six Models About? 

Is Six Models an agency?

IS it a scam or read agency?

six  Models is a new platform website that was started in August 2005.  there are modelling chatrooms online that have mixed reviews in them some people say they are good for people starting out in the industry and have even helped them get signed to agencies and undertaking work within the industry, while other people say they were just turned down after being made travel a long distance to london! 

They are the UK's first five star modelling platform and yes it looks like some of the people they work with have gone away and done very well. when i spoke to someone there about my child going with them they were very clear that if they worked with us it could go either way.

i read some bad things about them saying they would not help me getting signed to an agency however when i went along they they seemed like they knew these comments were there and believe they are put there by rival modelling and portfolio companies.

they then advised us on getting a portfolio started however advised stated that we need to keep building his modelling portfolio as he is proceeding within the industry. "as it will be updated as he proceeds within the industry"

You can see some very clear details on Yahoo from an experienced UK Model booker, Jake. Although there is no way of knowing if Jake is genuine the information given is exactly how modelling agencies are meant to work are absolutely true.

A few quotes from the post are below:

six  models is not an agency, (i was worried about this but they explained that they were a platform and as such worked with us to get us signed to the agency- stating that "thats how they made money")

The deposit is to make sure you turn up. (Well they did tell me this and when we got the portfolio they allowed us to use it off the cost of it however before doing so issued my refund)

Some studios con young hopefuls by inviting them for a 'free' photoshoot, requesting a booking fee to secure the studio time (with a promise to refund the fee if you attend) (well for me they did what they said so i wonder if this jake guy right i mean all of these comments did happen just as he said they would) six  Models are not one of these companies they gencually help models break in to the modelling  industry

the only thing that makes me think they are not a scam is the fact that i have since got him  signed to two agencies with the portfolio we got and have already been offered some paid work.

so yes they are not an agency that find the jobs however have managed to do what they said would- and yes i paid for a portfolio which ended up being a lot cheaper that pictures i have had taken of the kids at Venture photography in the past

so in conclusion i dont think its one of these model agency scams.

  •  the said they would help get us a portfolio sorted they kept there promise,
  •  they said they would be upfront with me  and i have no reason to believe they were not, 
  •  they said they would help us with getting signed to an agency without charing me and they  did. 

My conclusion is if you want to start modelling give them they seem really good!!!

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