Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Six Models helped me and they can help you 'My six Models review '

Six Models helped me and they can help you 'My six Models review ' 

Hi I am Leah Anne, I am 22 years old and now modelling full time. Majorty of my work is for fashion brands, only last week I attended a huge fashion show and I got to walk with some of the world top models. I still pinch myself because it feels surreal, its mad that I am doing this!
But I would not be here if it wasnt for Six Models and this is why I am doing this Six Models review, People need t stop wasting time, dont beleive in any Six Modelling scams, Six team know their stuff, they are experts and when ever you need them they are there.
I have been modelling 2  years, I had spent about 8 months looking on line and thats when i started to get really confused, theres so much online so its confusing at where to actually begin and where to start but te same company kept coming up on sreaches, on blogs etc and that was Six models, there are so Six Model review

there webiste is amazing, it covers every genre of modelling so I didnt think much longer when I found them I contacted them and the rest was a whilrwind. They explained that best way to see if modelling was for me, was to attend a real fashion shoot, they organsied it for me and I attended a fabulous studio London, it was fun, virbrant, and oozed fashion. The photo shoot was great, I had my hair done, styling done and i can hnestly say that was the day i felt like a real model. 
My shoot was great and the photographer I had was so patient, i was nervous and unclear of what was needed from me but my photographer eased me and gave me great tips at how to pose, it was amazing! 

After the shoot I looked trough my images, i was not pressurd in to buying anything and thats what i want to make clear in this Six Model review, it was up to me whether i or did not. I had to though, the images where so amazing, i had never seen myself like this and i knew this would help me so much, after all the portfolio is much needed for every model. And I am glad i did buy it, my portfolio is what has got me all the work I have been lucky enough to do, withut it and without Six Models I would not be here, i will be forever grateful. Thanks six and hope you enjoyed my Six Model review

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