Saturday, 22 October 2011

Luxe Models Review

Hi everyone!!!

I’ve looked high and low for decent platforms that would help my child become a model. I am very confused because there are SOOOO many good ones out there heres what i found!

 Luxe Models is great because they seem to help you find out if you’re good looking enough to be a model and if its something you can do. they say you need to find out what type of model you are and these people help you do that, they also have lots of services, which include a free one, which i thought, was great. If your not tall enough for the main type of modelling  they’ll give you an idea of what modelling you can do

One of the services gives you free online support for a year! this is called the fast track service which is if they think you are good enough to be a model and if your tall enough then they’ll put you on this where they give you an assessment online, a z card photo shoot you get one to one advice modelling school introduction  a fashion test shoot you also get something that they call an assessment day and a Fashion test shoot!!!

There is also something that they call the organic track where they give you an online assessment, free test shoot, assessment day, a z card photo shoot one to one advice and 6 months online support which also sounds good.
what i liked about this place is that they also have a free option called free track where they give you an online assessment a z card photo-shoot free advice and an assessment day

It seems really helpful that they give you advice on the modelling industry because I have no clue about agency fees and things like that so its great that they can help. The Testimonials seem really good and I like how the are models like my child on there that want to model and actually can get closer to getting there.

This is another review that I found on luxe models from

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