Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Metro Photography Apple Models Review. Is it a Scam?

If you are an aspiring model then you need to know if you’ve got what it takes. Apple Models in London are a company that do not work like an agency that will do anything to make money out of you, they work to try and springboard you into the modelling business and as one of a huge number of young male models walking blindfolded into the scene this is an extremely helpful and refreshing platform for anybody wanting to start a career in modelling.

I was at first wary of approaching a Apple Models who are a modelling ‘platform’ as I have heard many stories of scheming companies taking every penny possible from unguided models by making them unrealistic promises but from the off I was told that nothing was a guarantee, they would only work to build me a portfolio with Metro Photography, give advice on whether they thought I had what it takes and put me in touch with suitable agencies to then find work, it all seemed to be about trying to give me the best chance of finding work.

There was an initial deposit which did put doubts into my mind but I found when carrying out the process at Apple Models & Metro Photography in London that this was easily refunded if I decided not to take them up on their offer or was taken off the price of the package, they told me it is only there to cover absentees and to make sure they only get people who are serious about modelling.
The process undertaken in London is all round very professional and I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. I went to the studio they work with, Metro Photography. There was a full hair and make up (make up thankfully optional) department and the photographers were knowledgeable in what made an effective modelling picture and gave me great experience for now when I actually model. Even when it came to deciding whether to buy the portfolio I felt no pressure and was more given advice on how well I’d do in the industry (especially with such a solid portfolio on my side). Knowing that a really professional portfolio is key to starting off well in this business, I decided to buy from Metro Photography. Apple Models did indeed work with me after building my portfolio to direct me in the right direction of modelling with suitable, reputable modelling agencies. Since my day with Apple Models I have had work with 3 different agencies and have now made a breakthrough into one of the most competitive industries.

To conclude this review I would like to say to anyone looking to get to where I am, you should get in touch with Apple Models in London as they work with the best studio, Metro Photography and will work to make sure you are presented in the most professional and effective way to agencies and give you the best chance of breaking into an industry that is so daunting and difficult to tackle alone.

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