Saturday, 29 October 2011

London School Of Modelling Review

London School of Modelling sounds great and and they have even been on a 5 part series for ITV which means that they must be good if they are linked to them. they 
have something called a model day where they help you to pose and walk like a model this can be 1 or 2 days. the also have a 10 week in depth model and fashion course with lots of things that you can do like learn how to put on your own make up properly learning what to expect from agencies and what money they take they give you catwalk lessons they teach you how to get fit they talk to you about different types of modelling and much much more. they seen to be a respectable platform and it would be good to know exactly how to prepare to go to castings too

The company also gives you tips on how to handle rejection which must a big part of modelling and they're completely right because if you get turned down a few times it could put you off modelling for life and thats not what i want for my child. this is what I thought stood out from their site 'It is important to know how to find work with or without a modelling agency.  We offer short courses which are 1 and 2 days long and longer more in depth courses which cover a 10 week period.” It is really important to know how to find work because thats the main point of being a model and its great that london school of modelling help wannabe models find there feet before approaching agencies.

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