Wednesday, 26 October 2011

UK Models Review

UK Models look good on the site it tells you that they have had 12 months experience in the modelling industry which sounds legit. They also say that not all models will be successful in the industry which is great because i don't want to be told that I’m good when I’m not. they don’t ask for money up front either, which is reassuring. They have a zcard service portfolio service something called an efolio which is your own personal modelling website and there is also a model bootcamp service which sounds really good because they give you catwalk classes a model coach and a professional stylist.

This is what i found when looking into UK Models, “A study of UK Models reviews will reveal to you that UK Models and similar companies have helped a number of model aspirants in several ways and more particularly, in making their portfolios. These companies are able to make great portfolios because they associate with experts in all the tasks they undertake.” I got this from This seems to make sense, and that’s why I’ve been looking around for suitable companies like this to help my son with there modeling career.

They don’t claim to get you work, but seem to point you in the right direction to which agencies would be right for models just starting out.  I thought that this quote from the same site makes a lot of sense too, “UK Models do not get you modeling jobs. Even UK Models reviews will reveal to you this fact. But, they can certainly guide you suitably for choosing a competent modeling agency. Of course, this does not absolve yourself of the responsibility to 
do your research for finding the right agency that suits your needs. You must spend sufficient time, do your research and shortlist a few reputed modeling agencies.” this sounds completely right because you cant expect someone thats not an agency to get you work they help you take the steps to get started.

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