Sunday, 12 February 2017

SIX Fashion Model Testimonial review 

Building a successful modelling career requires putting in lots of hours. It takes grit, time, determination and single focus to create a genuinely exciting career. 

Even then, mere ambition may not get you far without proper support. Keep in mind that we live and operate within structures and systems that have their strengths and biases.

 That’s why to be truly successful you need a lucky break or two. Such a break could involve giving your work samples to the right people. 

It may also be someone putting in a good word for you.

As an aspiring model, my lucky break was meeting up with the directors of Six Models

Six Models is a modelling platform that provides otherwise unknown models with the training, networks and opportunity to get into the modelling industry. Their understanding of the industry, their high expectations, professionalism and grit stretched me and opened doors that I wouldn’t have otherwise accessed. 

I am just one of the many lucky models they help to access this rather closed industry. As a model, I knew I would need their helping hand if I was to rise and make a mark in the industry.

Once I could demonstrate a degree of potential for modelling, Six Models sent me out to have a photoshoot at a professional photography studio. 

I had a set of my photos taken in different locations, while wearing different outfits to gauge my potential as a model. The experience was nothing short of profound. I got lots of mentoring and training from professional make-up artists, fashions stylists, public relations pros and modelling photographers.

 Through their help, my talent and passion for modelling began to bloom.

The best part about working with Six Models was that they exposed me to lots of professionals in the industry. The engagement was always filled with guidance, encouragement and free advice. 

For an industry that is very cliquey, I have to say that their insights and first-hand knowledge enabled me to know how to engage stakeholders and how to put myself forward. They taught me how to appraise myself and how to improve my modelling skills and abilities. 

Most importantly they built in me a sense of confidence and professionalism that has carried me forward to this day.

If you are considering modelling as a career then without a doubt Six Models is the best platform to work with here in London. 

Six Models has such an incredible blend of raw creativity and technology that brings out the best and most engaging qualities which enable you to stand head and shoulder above your peers. In many ways I have grown and tremendously built up my modelling career based on the habits, skills and talents that they instilled in me while working with them.

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Six Models. Six Models Review. Modelling platform review. London Modelling platform review – Six Models. Why a modelling platform is the ideal route.

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