Saturday, 11 February 2017


Six Models

Who are they?
Forget about the American dream, everyone is doing Europe and the United Kingdom to be precise. Finding a career path as a young lady in London is as confusing as the first day of school. Well say hello to the one and only Six Models organisation based in London. When I first heard of them, my instincts went directly to a model agency, but no, that’s not it. They are better than that! Think of them as the intercessors, the gap between amateur and high-end couture model. See those effortless poses models make? Why not let it be you

What do they do?
For me Six Models are more like a talent identifier. They see what you don’t even know you had in you. The best part is how they harness that and make the best out of it. Once they have recognized some potential in you, there is no letting go. From glamorous shoots to fabulous flowing gowns, I felt like a princess as I quite literally watched myself evolve from a timid camera-shy beginner to a Sasha Fierce goddess. With professional standards maintained at every level, you are assured of nothing but the best. From this test shoot, Six Models can determine if in fact modelling is your natural calling. From here, comes the door of opportunities.
Who do they represent?
You might think that as a parent it might be too late for you to become a model, but it isn’t! If your child has even half the beauty you have, take your chances with Six Models. With an age allowance of 3 to 65, this firm is pretty much open to over 50% of the population. From mature modelling shoots to cute babies in glitter and costume, Six Models will put your best look out there. From your positive shoot you get free advice and guidance about modelling integration. The modelling 101 comes in handy in the fashion industry, and you want someone who knows what they are doing, and they know their way in this diverse universe.

What are the ABCs?
The best part about this is the registration is free, and so is the advice! Unlike other agencies where half your income has already been chopped off before you even start, here all you need is an upload of your details depending on the category you may be interested in. For new models who have an assortment of options, go for all. Who knows which will be your big break?

Click, click, and click!
And the easiest bit of this, it’s all an online process. Simple, easy and time efficient. Get your selfie game on, the flush face and the Kylie matte lips…it’s time to be a model. London awaits and Six Models is at your service. What can I say, it’s a great life on this side of the camera. Been there, done that, still at it!

chi sono?
Dimenticatevi del sogno americano,per essere precisi tutti stanno facendo Europa e UK.Trovare un percorso per la mia carriera essendo una giovane donna a Londra è disorientante come il primo giorno di scuola.Bene dite ciao all’una e unica organizzazione Six Models basata a Londra.La prima volta che ho sentito di loro,il mio istinto è andato direttamente ad una agenzia di modelli,ma no, nn è quello.Sono meglio di quello!Pensa a loro come gli intercessori,lo spazio tra una modella amatoriale e una modella di high couture.Vedi quelle pose che le modelle fanno senza sforzo?perchè non essere tu

cosa fanno?
Per me Six Models è più un identificatore di talento.Loro vedono quello che tu non sai neanche di avere in te.La parte migliore è come loro ci lavorano e ne traggono il meglio.Una volta che hanno riconosciuto del potenziale in te,non mollano.

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