Saturday, 11 February 2017

Ruby models and Lamp studios scam agency


Two men are now known as scammers in the modelling world they called Derek Johnson and Byron Jones they claim to run professional companies one Ruby Models that is an apparent ‘agency’ and the other Lamp Studios ‘ professional photography studio’ In fact the two are scam artists, scamming honest, hardworking model hopefuls out of a lot of money and hurt them in process. 

Modelling industry news it has been revealed that Ruby Models and Lamp Studios are a scam after complaint after complaint has been made against them. Investigations in London have shown that they are a scam after months of investigations by Trading Standards and Watchdog the owners of this scam are finally getting what they deserve the scam was created by Derek Johnson and Lamp Studios owner Byron Jones. Hundreds upon hundreds of models have been effected by this but thankfully it seems investigations have begun. Aspiring models have been scammed by Ruby models and Lamp studios, the total number and amount of money is yet to be confirmed and is also has not been confirmed yet if Models will get money back but is hopeful. Derek Johnson and Byron jones of these fakes companies have been obtaining money by deception, hard selling to the point models felt like they had no choice, not returning deposits as previously agreed. 

These horrible scammers have no respect for anyone who crosses their path and they will use every tactic possible to get money out of people, they use flattery, they build peoples dreams up and they tell models what they want to hear.

 This horrible scam is preying on the vulnerable, the newbies to the industry and it is frankly not ok. We investigations under way it is hopeful not only will these scammers be caught but it may stop future scammers even thinking about this. The more we talk, the more we share, the quicker we can put an end to scam artists like Derek Johnson and Byron jones. 

The Modelling world is one of the best, fun industries in the world but you always get a couple of idiots who try and ruin it for the rest but not this time, Ruby Models and Lamp Studios will be caught and we will all be on the side line ready to applaud! 


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