Saturday, 11 February 2017

Id Like to post a review of my experience with Mac Fashion Photography Studios in London i had a shoot with them and think people should know about my experience with this modelling studios. 

I wanted to do this Mac Fashion Photography review as I have not thanked you before for the great portfolio you did of my three year old Rosie. 
My mother had to bring Rosie on the day for me as I was working but you were all so helpful and my mother said nothing was too much trouble. 
Your company came by recommendation from a friend who brought Mabel her three year old earlier in the year and I was very impressed with her photos, you done such a grand job. I work very hard as a single parent and do not want to waste any of my income but I can honestly say I am happy to have done business with Mac Fashion Photography Studios Londony. We all need advice if it’s something you have no understanding of and the help and direction from you at Mac Fashion was very welcomed and useful. 
My mother said how great Rosie looked good in all the photos and she wished I had been there to choose portfolio images as she was really spoilt for choice but you all at Mac helped make the best decision so again I thank you for this.
 It’s so Marvellous that you do not make it just about taking photographs it’s about a lot more especially when working with children and my mother was very pleased that Rosie was the main priority at the studio and she thought a lot of the crew as they were very caring and patient. I will go on to recommend Mac Fashion Photography Studiosand share my glowing review as I am first and foremost pleased with the way Rosie and my mother got on with the staff but also what super photographs 

Mac Fashion studio produced. My daughter Rosie will probably only get to do modelling on a small scale for now but with her amazing portfolio she really does have the best start in it. I know like many parents modelling is scary place for your child but I can assure you there is no such thing as a Mac Fashion scam, you will be looked after, cared for and guided along your way and that is so important for all us parents. Mac Fashion Photography you have all helped my family and I so much and I will forever grateful for your kindness and expertise. 

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