Saturday, 11 February 2017

4 months ago I took the plunge to enter the world of modelling and due to lack of knowledge and not researching well enough, I went with pretty much the first companies I came across, 

Ruby Models and they then introduced me to Lamp Studios, now it turns out they are working in cahoots together and joint scam artists Derek Johnson and Byron Jones are in it together and are the master minds behind this awful scam. 

It’s never nice having to inform others of scammers but it’s so important and this information needs sharing as much as possible. Ruby Models are offering out free test shoots where they would pay for Lamp studios to do the photos in order for them to decide whether models would 'fit' the bill and if I did they would accept them onto their books and then only take a % of what is earned from jobs they find you. 

First and foremost it is against the law for any so called agency to charge you an upfront fee for anything and it is against law for a company to charge a fee for anything if looking for photographic or fashion work. The owners of Ruby Models and Lamp Studios are Derek Johnson and Byron Jones, these low lives need to be stopped and this is why this scam needs to be discussed and shared. 

Ruby Models get around this law, by not charging an upfront fee from themselves but by saying they have accepted you on to their books and that they need a portfolio so you have to buy the photos from there photography studios, their studio in this case is Lamp studios the other scamming company. These so called fakes images can go up to thousands of pounds, so please be aware. If they are ringing you this is all part of scam, they are luring you in, training you before the ultimate part of the scam and that is to take your money!

 You will then be taken to Lamp Studios that will provide low quality imagery and not even worth the paper they are printed on, so you would have wasted money and have something you cannot even use. I have personally lost nearly £1800 to these people and its hurt me bad financially and emotionally but I will not allow them to take away my dream completely, so I am still pursing my career but took the safe bet and sought help from a free modelling platform. 

Do not get hurt like I did, be aware and avoid Ruby Models and Lamp studios. Take your time and research! 

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