Saturday, 11 February 2017

Six Models review of london model platform! Are they any good or are they a scam? 5 Stars

My journey in life has actually brought me to understand the importance of working with the right people; everything just seems to fall in place when you are on the right track or a project with the right people at the right time. 

Each time a job offer is tabled before me, I always say a little prayer and send prayers of blessing to Six Models Mature the London modelling company that made me, that gave me the opportunity to dream big and even built a bigger dream for me. 

Six Modelling Mature basically took my modelling career from zero to zenith in ample time.

It still remains amazing to me because my successful career started with just a free application I sent in, to me I never knew I had made the best decision of my life by sending in that application, I just made the choice as an aspiring model and I have never for a second regretted my decision.

I would say Six Modelling Mature is the modelling company every aspiring model in the UK needs to be.

Six Models is not just a modelling company but a family that explore and brings out the best features in your and further set you on the right track of your career. 

Six Models breed models from infancy to maturity in the modelling industry, I am pointing this out because it is a process I have experienced and I am a product of. I basically knew nothing in the industry until I joined Six Models Mature.

My application started my journey and didn't even cost me a dime! From the first meeting, Six Modelling Mature professionals were able to see a potential I had not realized in me,

 I was excited to be in one of the leading modelling platforms in the country but Six Modelling Mature was excited with my potential and already started mapping out strategies to unleash my potential into the modelling industry. 

After joining the modelling platform, I was scheduled for a test shoot with a professional fashion photography studio that I had never imagined myself in so soon, the make-up artists were top flight professionals, with hair and fashion stylists who were always detailed. 

These team of professionals worked on me tirelessly, creating a range of looks to fathom how adaptable my image is and to explore my potentials. Various outfits, pose, locations were all in the process.

I was told if the shoot comes out positive I would be given guidance and tutored on how to proceed in my modelling career and they kept their word. The guidance of Six Modelling Mature has put me on the right track, brought me fame, made me smile to the bank and made me a force to reckon with in the modelling industry.

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