Saturday, 11 February 2017

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As a young aspiring model the key to success at times might just seem too difficult to navigate around, of all the thing which you need to keep in mind and in perspective the ones that do seem workable are either your looks or how you present yourselves. However it might be just as important to look at it all from the client’s perspective and the agency which represents you as well – after all if you want to walk far walk together!

In itself modelling has come a long way, what used to be the norm isn’t anymore and what is workable today is what matters. Fashion models aren’t just meant to walk up and down a ramp, fashion in itself isn’t just about looking good or presentable anymore. As a new model you might want to think about that fact and ensure that you have what it takes to be a success, just taking care of your waist line or your looks isn’t enough – you are a beacon to a whole new generation of social media fans, online chatters and followers, and they like substance and form in what or whom they look up to.

Six Models has been in the business of representing an promoting new models for many years, over the last decade alone they have helped launched the career of hundreds of aspiring models and turned them into a success. As a measure of what firms can do for you as a new model, it is safe to say that Six Models provides an all-round service which not only ensures that you are taken care of but also that your career is on a set path.

At the center of it all however is your own health and well-being, consider this – a number of agencies and corporations or labels today discourage the use to zero sized models. Just last year a top notch agency recommended how shallow standards had become in and around the fashion industry. This all goes back to ensuring that models or new models take good care of themselves and their health as well. As a part of their constant work towards it, Six Models assures that every new model signed on is well taken care off.

This not only involves the kind of work they do and undertake but also their physical and emotional well-being as well. With work done alongside other agencies on the same forefront, Six Models not only promotes its stance but encourages new models just entering the industry to demand the same as well of their employers.

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