Friday, 10 February 2017

Six Models company is a London based modelling platform

Six Models

In this modern era, the modelling business is getting ever more challenging, but also more diverse. A lot of competition and without the right connection, the chances of being successful in this line of work could be very slim. If you are into plus-size modelling, you will need the connection more to beat your competitors. If you are confidence enough to put yourself out there, there is a huge opportunity for you at Six Models, it doesn’t matter if you are a plus-size model or size 12, Six Models can help start your career up and set you on your path. This is talking from my own fantastic experience.

Six Models company is a London based modelling platform that will help aspiring models get into the modelling industry. This company will help anybody, male or female, child or teen, fitness modelling or plus-size modelling if they see great potential. They have a lot to offer.

As an aspiring plus-size model, I knew my chances of success and I am determined to give it all I have and push myself forwards in my career. I wasn’t reluctant to try Six Models Company out; especially since the application process is free I had nothing to lose.

How they work.

They are good at what they do; yes! I can tell. You start by registering with them for free, and then they will send you to a professional fashion photography studio to have your pictures taken in various outfit and locations for test shoots - that was my favorite part. The pictures are used to determine your modelling potential. During this test photo shoot, they provided me with professional make-up artists and fashion stylists doing my hair and getting me set for the shoot and also changing my looks just to get the best images and make the most of my look.

Six Models use the pictures from the test shoot to determine what type modelling genre you will fit and they will give you advice and guidance on how you will go from there. Whether and which agency to sign with will be totally your choice or you can go freelance. Six Models will offer you advice but your decision will be totally yours.

With the demand for plus size modelling in London going hot, now is the perfect time to follow your passion in pursuing a career in plus size modelling. Of course, you need to have that immense drive and passion for it. With Six Models, everybody has a chance of success in their modelling career - with their experience in discovering the potential in young models and giving them guidance and building up their confidence to survive in the world of modelling.

From my experience with them, Six Models will advise you on which modelling jobs you are best suited to and help you reach the goal of maximum success in your chosen categories. With them, you are not alone - they do their best to help navigate you through the beginning of your modelling career.

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