Friday, 10 February 2017

So I'm writing this review to clarify something that i have read on line i read some where that Six Models and MAC FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS where a SCAM company! I have used Six Models to get my young daughter in to modelling when i first researched them some people said they are a scam however i read more than 40 reviews of people saying they are good so to clarify there was 

2 bad reviews 
43 good reviews 

I want to make it 44 good reviews below is what happened when we went to Mac Studios 

however more importantly since going to Mac Studios Peggy (MY DAUGHTER) has been signed to 3 companies 

I cannot really put into words within this Mac Fashion studios review how much the staff at Mac studios have helped us and the amazing work they did with our daughter.  

We are highly delighted with our daughter Peggy’s photos from the shoot we had with you 7 weeks ago, we are so over whelmed how great she looks.

 The whole team from stylists to photographer done such as great job, Peggy looked fantastic in all of her shots. The photographer certainly knows his stuff. Sadly the time went so fast in the studio we did not want it to end as our daughter was having such a great time, she really came into her own that day. We were very interested in the whole process of the shoot, it’s great to see how your child can be so grown up and work alongside a group of strangers wanting to get the best photos.
 You are all of the highest standard of professionals and that’s why we feel you got the best from Peggy as it’s obvious you know how to work with Child models. Every member of Mac Fashion Photography we were lucky enough to meet were warm people, you made us feel we were all on the same page and you certainly made Peggy happy which ultimately is the most important thing to us. Peggy is going to go far especially with all your help given and the portfolio we have invested in, we now believe because of Mac Fashion the skies limited for our daughter. 

Before we arrived Peggy was a little nervous but with your company’s expertise with working with children she soon relaxed and began given it her all. Peggy has been showing Grandma and Pa all the poses and seems to have taken a lot on board considering she is only six. My husband said he was pleased we decided on Mac and encouraged me to write this Mac Fashion review, he feels it’s only right we say our thanks. Mac were so straight and honest, this is definitely needed with any model. From start to finish the whole quality of the service can be relied on. When looking for help in getting
your children into modelling you need a reliable source as where does
one begin? 
Where does one get the portfolio or do you even need a 
professional portfolio? Will my child find it daunting? You helped answer these questions and gave us the information we needed as parents. Mac Fashion Photography have shown us they are a reliable company and they hand on heart have your child’s best interests at heart. Thanks again. 

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