Friday, 10 February 2017


I wanted to share this message about two companies owned by two gutless men, they ripped my friend Natasha off, they conned her out of money, left her with anxiety and have really affected her dreams at becoming a model. So please be well aware of this huge scam of high street Modelling company Ruby Models and Photography company Lamp Studios, the names behind these awful scams are Derek Johnson & Byron Jones, Please take note of all these details as both companies are scamming vulnerable, honest models out of a lot of money and there is no way of getting this money any time soon. They hire student photographers and make you believe you are dealing with professionals, they present you with prices between £1000- £3000 even more I read recently for tasteless portfolios or promising the world but not delivering anything other empty lies and scams. Both companies are working together to create the perfect scam. They advertise to models If you cannot pay such an amount please don't worry because if you pay today they will reduce the price from around 70%, so they are making the cost sound more appealing, luring you in by seeming kind and also using flattering and more lies like ‘Do not worry Next week you will have a huge modelling job, so you will get your money back in no time’, please do not fall for anything these people and these companies say, no matter how appealing it may seem. This is exactly how they scammed my friend, she was new to the industry and sadly believed what this clever scammers said.  Derek Johnson & Byron Jones are now known in the industry as scam artists but they continue to scam again and again, we must all work together to stop this. Once caught they never leave they change their names and website address. So for now Derek Johnson & Byron Jones are trading under Ruby Models and Lamp Studios, these are scammers, liars, horrible people and this is for all Models to be wary and protect yourself. Do not work with these people. You can and should have your photographs taken but make sure you are going to see a private genuine real qualified photographer or studio. There are lots of great advice sources out there, so we beg you to use them. Sadly this industry is full of scammers, people ready to hurt, con you but we are not the only industry so do not let this put you off, just take note and always be careful. My friend is now a couple of months on from these scam but sadly she is still hurting and getting over the money loss has been hard, she thought she would have earnt it back by now but sadly she is just in more debt. I will help get out of this slump but I want to warn others so they can protect their selves and their friends. 

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