Friday, 10 February 2017

If we can advise you of one thing to better your modelling career right that would be to avoid Byron Jones and Derek Jones from Ruby Models and Lamp studios like mad, they are scammers, scamming people as we speak for their hard earn money. They are heartless, horrible specimens! There has been hundreds of cases just in recent and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon, unless we all spread the word on Derek Johnson and Byron Jones. The scam is conning models out of money, models like you who are trying their hardest to conquer this fast paced industry.  Ruby Models pretend to be an agency but because they know the law states that agencies cannot charge upfront fees Ruby Models get around this law, by not charging an upfront fee from themselves but by saying they have accepted you on to their books and that they need a portfolio so you have to buy the photos from there photography studios, their studio in this case is Lamp studios the other scamming company. These low quality, fakes images can go up to thousands of pounds, so please be aware. If they are ringing you this is all part of scam, they are luring you in, training you before the ultimate part of the scam and that is to take your money! You will then be taken to Lamp Studios that will provide low quality imagery and not even worth the paper they are printed on, so you would have wasted money and have something you cannot even use. Like with many areas in life, scams happen but being wise to them helps put stop to them and this is why the scam and these scammers Ruby Models and Lamp Studios needs spreading, knowing about this scam will keep you alert and if you cross paths with these so called professionals you will know to turn around and walk the other way. Byron Jones and Derek Johnson can only scam while people are unaware, so let’s make everyone aware now! These scum bags will not the last to scam models but if we all stick together we help reveal the bad from the good, the only true way of protecting yourself is knowing everything about the industry and that’s why you need to know about the ugly side of it and that’s the scams, scammers like Ruby Models and Lamp Studios. Its hard lesson to learn when you are a new aspiring model, so do not become another statistic of someone who got burned, keep your wits about you and remember these dirty names. Modelling is fab, just being new makes you vulnerable but being head strong and knowing your stuff will help you a whole heap load. So go enjoy becoming a model just avoid Ruby models and Lamp studios!

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