Friday, 10 February 2017

review of my childs experience with Six Models

I am the relatively laid back kind of a parent but my experience with Six Models has really opened up my mind. My boy developed a fascination that I didn’t quite encourage, at first, with these TV models.  As a career person you would imagine I am quite strict with following up on education and didn’t even know child modelling existed or a thing about teen models.

But I admittedly thought to myself, instead of just wishing it away, why don’t I let him have a professional assess his skills, furthermore Six Models doesn’t charge for application or processing. They called a few days later and said “we think your son has a great potential and would like to have a professional test shoot with him at our studios.” They both proved me wrong. That aside, their courtesy on the phone, above anything else, moved me.

On the material day, their photographer said they needed to assess his adaptability to different environments. They, therefore, drove us across a dozen “strategic” places across London, all the while taking his photos. I asked what they would do with the photos. I am highly conservative and the last thing I need is my son’s photos floating all over the web. But their assurance was convincing.

I was linked with over a hundred modelling agencies they have on their database. That’s the only place they would send the photos to market my son and every other high fashion models and catalogue models. My great relief came with the confirmation that these agencies understand that the images aren’t loyalty and cannot distribute them to third parties or present them as own.

So how has the journey been? Unprecedentedly positive to say the least, I can’t really tell whether it has been my son’s potential, Six Models marketing or my relatively low expectations. But three months down the line from the photo shoot and he is already featured in two quite influential London magazines and has this huge upcoming project with a national magazine with a probability of a main feature. But I think we owe it all to Six Models. Come to think of it; you can’t really imagine that they didn’t charge us a penny for this; not for the application or marketing. Thank you Six Models you have really fulfilled my son’s ambitions.

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