Friday, 10 February 2017

At Luxe Model, I was provided with the right advice - BEST MODELLING COMPANY 2016

My Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience at Luxe Model

I dare say I am the outgoing type and I saw myself as being photogenic, at least my personal pictures give credence to that. I have always told myself right from my early teens that I was cut out to be a model. I love the cameras, I cannot deny that. I wanted to be real popular. The big question now left on my mind was how to bring my dreams to reality.

I knew I needed helping hands to make my dreams become reality.  This was when I came across Luxe Models. I heard they provide guidance to aspiring models aside honing their talents.  I knew it would not be easy to break into the modeling industry, hence my decision to give Luxe a try. The model review I read about them equally prompted me to try them out. Well, I did. And I have never regretted my decision till date.

At Luxe Model, I was provided with the right advice and I was equally directed on how to brighten my chances. It must also be mentioned that I was first taken through series of observations and evaluations to determine my model potentials and to enable Luxe decide on the areas where I needed to improve. I was not surprised at their touch of expertise and professionalism anyway; they have been in the industry for more than 12 good years. I guess this must have contributed to their incomparable expertise and professionalism.

With the aid of this modeling platform, I was able to identify the best area of modeling that suits me and the best way to approach and improve on those areas. Consequently, I was able to equip myself with the right portfolio and I must confess this early decision improved on my focus and enabled me to achieve considerable success in the highly competitive modeling industry. I must mention that they helped link me up too and quicken my rise in the modeling industry despite the fact that helping models to find job is not part of the services they offer.

I reside in Manchester, hence my decision to visit their Manchester office. I wanted to opt for London, but I got convinced that exactly the same set of services and quality are offered at both their London and Manchester offices. I equally learnt that I could achieve the same feat as any of their London models. So, there was no sense in leaving home in Manchester for London.

At Luxe Models, I was intimated of the various services they offer, vis-à-vis the Free Track, the Organic Track and the Fast Track programs. The three are just wonderful and registration for each is free of charges. I chose the Fasttrack service anyway, since it is designed to propel me at a faster rate into the world of modeling.  My chosen service gave me access to online assessment, Fashion test shoot, Assessment Day participation, Portfolio Building Photoshoot, One to One Advice and Modeling school introduction.  I must confess these exposures helped to improve on my confidence in front of the camera.

Before I came to Luxe Models, I thought I knew it all. But the series of trainings made me realize I was just a learner and a rookie in modeling. However, all those are in the past now and I am as good a model as any high class model you can find out there.              

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