Friday, 10 February 2017

Thanks to UK Models for making me a successful model

Thanks to UK Models for making me a successful model

I rarely agree with the word ‘information is power’ until after meeting UK models. I sometimes regret why I met UK models so late but thanks to God I finally met them and my life is fully transformed.

I dropped out of school because I discovered I couldn’t cope with my course any longer. Though I wasn’t sure of where I was heading to but I have always had the passion for modeling. I have tried all I could to be featured in different modeling organization but I was never lucky to be among the first twenty in all the organization I have applied. I later discovered I knew very little about modeling and nobody to help me achieve this. It killed my passion for modeling and   I started running errands for my uncle who owned a post office around my house for a few pounds.

It was all like a dream when I found myself in the limelight doing modeling.  I will never forget the day I met my Samuel Carson who was my classmate in high school on my way to deliver a post on Monday morning. We talked about life generally and he introduced me to UK models. Though Carson died two months later after we met but I am ever grateful for the life transforming information he gave me about UK models. Sometimes I think telling me about UK models was one of his purpose in life because I don’t really know where I will be now without UK models.

Since modeling is what I have always have passion for, I discovered  UK models is  a modeling organization that is responsible for bringing people who has passion for modeling like me  into the limelight, UK Models taught me all I needed to bring out the best in me. After several online conversations I was unsure of what will become of me since I have always failed most application but after some few minutes of interaction, I was very confident about my prospect in the modeling profession. In few months I was already on top, modeling for different organization.

It started with a trip to a professional fashion photography studio in London. There I took pictures in various outfits and locations and it was all fun and exciting. I was all alone with the services of professional make-up artist, hair and fashion stylist and a host of other professional hands that prepared my best look for the photo shoot session.
The photo shoot session was a wonderful one which I will really like to have more and more of it.  I had free consulting service on how to start a career in the modeling world and not long after, I was fully employed and living in a house I desired.

I am indeed wholesomely grateful to UK models for helping me achieve my dream. I don’t really know what would have become of me now if not for their authentic touch to my modeling life. I owe a lot to UK models!

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