Friday, 10 February 2017

My Success Story: The Career Boost from UK Models

My Success Story: The Career Boost from UK Models

I signed up with UK Models in order to kick start my modeling career. I am giving this model testimonial out of great respect and gratitude to the UK Models Company and nothing I would say would be superficial as I really am thankful to them for launching my career in this cutthroat world of modeling and giving me so much exposure.

The Internet has opened so many avenues for aspiring models to look and apply for work that at times it becomes really difficult to choose the right model platform. Where there are a lot of genuine companies out there, there are even more scams waiting to con gullible youngsters who are eager to begin their modeling career by hook or by crook. Luckily, I found UK Models over the internet, and impressed by the positive feedback they got from their clients, I decided to put my career in their hands. Most models can be seen pleading at the doors of an established modeling agency for a portfolio and a shoot but I did not have to face any of that stress thanks to this awesome company.  

UK Models have an excellent repertoire with London’s top fashion portals and I was immediately signed up for a shoot once the company thought I had the potential to become a professional model. When I got my shoot catalogue, I literally could not believe how great my portfolio turned out. It helped me get so many nods from several clients and agencies, and I am sure no other company could have done more justice and highlighted my strengths like UK Models did.  UK models not only gave me a fully professional portfolio, it helped me sign up with a top London modeling agency and even guided me how to approach and look for a modeling job as a freelance model. They did not charge me a penny for all the wonderful advice they had in store for a newbie like me who had no idea where to begin and what to do.

I can guarantee that UK Models is one of the most reliable and honest company where aspiring models can launch their modeling careers. The fact that UK Models have the best agencies and casting directors signed with them, gave me a lot of opportunities and my work was circulated throughout the world. By registering with this company, my chances of getting hired increased by a 1000 percent as compared to any freelance model without a professional institute to support her. The London modeling industry is extremely competitive and beginners need a lot of guidance and also need to have a strong support system which UK Models provided me. 
UK Models can open doors for you that couldn’t possibly be open on your own! They not only got me a contract with the top agency, their professionalism and organized method of working has truly impressed me. I give my word to every aspiring model, male or female, that once they join here, their career trajectory will only go upwards and there would be no room left for looking back!

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