Friday, 10 February 2017

I am Helen, a little while ago, I was an aspiring model with a very high gaze and strong determination to succeed in the modeling industry. 

Haven tried my luck with different modeling companies but received little or no encouragement at all, little did I know I was almost there, just never gotten the right link. I continued to work hard on my own and got some encouragements from my Aunt not to ever relent. I never did, but my progress was slower than I would have wanted it to be until I got to know about UK Models. UK Models isn’t actually an agency as they do not find you work, but they are a modeling platform which provides a number of different services from assessment days, z cards to eFolio’s , but I was inspired after reading quite a number of model testimonials from breakout models on  their website. So I decided to give them a trial. Of course I regretted why it took me so long to know about UK Models as they were able to provide me all the services and products I needed, as well as the advice which guided me through the early days of my break in to the industry right up till now. I applied on its website,  I was invited and subsequently sent for a test shoot. That was where I began to realize what I’ve been missing all this while. Starting from the make-up artists to the hair and fashion stylist and even the photographer, their professionalism is out of this world not to mention their accommodating and willing-to-help attitude. This made me gain so much in a relatively short time than I had since embarked on my modeling journey. 

The result of the shoot was quite impressive, of course with the help of the capable hands I had in it. I was overwhelmed with joy and believed that I was getting closer to my aspiration. Different inspiring advises were given to me which I gladly took heed to as they’ve done nothing than helped me from the first day. I was happy and my aunt was proud as I got my first modeling contract not long after some of my photoshoots with UK Models went viral, and ever since then I’ve become a regular in all of London modeling events.

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