Monday, 13 February 2017

Hello everyone my name is Mollie Jacobs and I wanted to share my real and upsetting experience with Ruby Models and Lamp Studios was not a good one but I feel my bad experience may help save many for that I am hopeful. Ruby Models and Lamps studios are run by derek Johnson and Byron Jones, Ruby models side of things offered me a free test shoot where they would pay for this apparent top studio Lamp Studios to do the photos in order for them to decide whether I would 'fit' the bill and if I did they would accept me to their books and then only take a Percentage of what I earned from jobs they found me. I fell for all Ruby Models and Lamp Studios had to say, I caught up in it and they made me feel good about my chances, they fed me the ultimate script and me being new to this industry fell for it. I attended a shoot and I will use shoot lightly here with lamp Studios, it was an awful studio, it wasn’t a real studio it was two rooms that had some pot plants, a couple of photos on the wall and was being run by actual monkeys these monkeys were in fact Derek Johnson and Byron Jones. These two monsters done me out of £2100 for about 15 photos. I should have knew as when I arrived I had no one dress me, do my makeup and tidy me up, within 15 minutes I was being photographed, with no lighting or anything. I even questioned the lack of equipment and they immediately answered with they use the newest, high tech cameras which means they don’t need it! Once the shoot has finished or the mockery should we say, one of them went off for 40 minutes I can only assumed to get my photos developed. The whole thing was a joke! I have not had any communication with Derek Johnson or Byron Jones and have not had even one penny back but I WILL NOT stop until I do and more importantly I will not stop till they are caught! My words go out to all fellow models, always trust your instincts and do not be fooled by words and glamour, I wish I hadn’t as I am now over £2k lighter and have a real sadness that will always be with me. Keep you wits about you and trust only those who have good reviews. 

Stay the hell away from Derek Johnson and Byron Jones! 

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