Friday, 10 February 2017

Testimonial: How Luxe Models Helped Me Jumpstart My modelling Career

Testimonial: How Luxe Models Helped Me Jumpstart My modelling Career

Hello! A while ago, I was like a lot of you: I had dreams of modelling, of making it in the business, but I just couldn't break through. I tried auditioning for companies, I tried different photo shoots, I tried, well, everything - well, almost everything. Then I heard about Luxe Models - a London models company that has helped many people like me - people just like you to break through into the industry. Here's a bit about my experience with Luxe Models, as a testimonial for you, to help you decide to take the plunge.
Looking for a modelling platform - and finding it.

I had essentially given up hope on my dream before I found Luxe online. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I read some testimonials (like this one) that gave me the strength and self-belief to try again. I reached out and the adventure began.

I first had an online review of my portfolio, and Luxe started to give me advice. They then decided I had passed their model review, and offered me a chance to work with a real photo studio, where I tried out a bunch of different outfits in different locations. They even helped with my makeup and hair!

Luxe told me that, from the photoshoot, they had determined that I had potential to be a real model in the industry. They started giving me more and more advice that all turned out to be right, and helped me find an agency that works for me. So now I'm a professional model, all because of the support Luxe has given me - support that you, too can count on if you decide to work with Luxe. It's a decision you won't regret - I know I didn't.

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