Friday, 10 February 2017


5 Helpful Tips to Wear Makeup, Just Like a Model Should

Looking through model pictures you’ll see their skin and makeup put so well together that it seems that she’s born with it, just like Maybelline have been saying so for years. Look no further; here are five helpful makeup tips that you can do to be model-worthy, for a start.

1.) It’s no brainer that having a smooth, flawless makeup starts with a clean skin - it creates a smooth canvas for the makeup to hold onto and helps the works to last longer on your face. Clean your face thoroughly, even it means using cleansing wipes/makeup remover after you wash your face.

2.) Prep the skin with moisturizer so your skin to be smooth, supple, and strong enough to hold all of the makeup you out on. As a simple rule, use a light moisturizer if you have simple makeup (even on a daily basis), reserving only heavy ones if you plan to have full-blown artworks that lasts all day and all night.

3.) Lack of moisturizing your skin will only cause your skin to fatigue and leads to breakouts, which means uneven skin tone, blemishes, and spots that requires more makeup to cover than necessary.
A foundation is a must, while concealers should be your best friend. Have foundations that are made for your skin type (water-based for oily, cream for dry skin) and pick a shade lighter and darker from your skin colour for contouring. As for concealers, add colour-correcting ones in your repertoire for a seamless and effortless fresh look (this rule applies to any exposed skin as well).

4.) Contrary to what we used to believe, wearing contrasting colour(s) for eyeshadows won’t cancel the effect, in fact they stand out more, side by side. The key is to choose the hues that’s the opposite of the colour wheel; blue eyes will benefit with orange-y hues while green colours pair well with reddish tones. As for brown, any colour is suitable.  Pair the chosen eyeshadows with the right colour for your lipsticks.

5.) For the whole makeup to be as flawless as possible, ditch the fingers and use brushes instead. Use accordingly, these tools will give the best result with just the right amount of makeup, and the whole works will last longer.  Tip: use natural hair brushes instead of synthetic ones for smoother application.

These tips are some of what you get from Six Models London - a modelling platform for models ranging from 3 to 65 years old in various modelling fields, where the Six Models London will guide you through it with professional photoshoots in various settings to assess your potential - if you have what it takes - they will give access to their contacts of modelling agencies from UK and Ireland. So you don’t really need to be 5’ 11” with Barbie-like body; it’s your potential that counts.

The best bit is the whole service is free of charge!
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