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    SIX MODELS London .

    When it comes to modelling and becoming a successful fashion model it is bound to take some time but to make the start of the journey easier you need to have a right platform. And Six Models UK is the right place to start your career.

    The company - Six Models - is a modelling platform. They help all kinds of people that want to become models get into the modelling industry. When they find an applicant with great potential, they send them to have a test shoot with a professional fashion photography studio. They would have a set of pictures taken in various outfits and locations, to assess their potential to become a model. This would include professional make-up artists, hair and fashion stylists creating a range of looks to show how adaptable the model’s image is. If the result from the test shoot is positive and the pictures turn out well, the company gives free advice and guidance to the model about how to go forward, and find themselves future employment as a model.


This information is gathered from Top Models world from a survey about their makeup routines . So yes ! We are gonna have what they do .

The first and the most important point :

1. Stick to the minimum when it comes to makeup

The fashion week and shows are filled with all kinds of glitz , glamour and glitter but when it comes to continuous catwalks . The models prefer wearing as minimum makeup as they could . Avoiding caking up their face and wearing heavy extensions . Because days of getting loaded and piled up would make even a top notch supermodel tired, wanting to refresh and take it all off .

The more natural the better !

2. Let's take a look at the products these top models  can't live without

- Foundations
Bobby Brown

And if you have a red undertone the combination of these three is the best way to get rid of it .

    - To die for and most easily available products

    . Vaseline
    . Coconut oil

    - Lip moisturizer
    . Channel
    . Aquaphor
    . La Roche Posy Lip Balm
    . La Mer Lip Balm

    .Two faced chocolate soliel bronzer
    .Nars multiple in Copacabana

Beauty Hacks for Makeup routines of Models

    1.Cleanse off their face

    Even when they swear that they cleansed their face and every last bit of makeup . You would still want to make sure and not take the risk .

    2. Moisturize the face

    It can turn into a disaster if not don't properly so only let a professional do it who knows about smooth and rough areas of the face and how to treat them .

    3. Use a heavy duty moisturizer

    Because of the constant and oversize of makeup the skin of models become raw and blemished so they require a heavy moisturizer to bring the radiance back .

    4. Scrape their skin to slough off dead skin cells

    Because of the dry and severe winter season the lips become cracked and dry because of air conditioning in summers. So like wise the skin, lips need moisturizing too.

    5. Layer on multiple foundations and concealers

    A single foundation or concealer isn't enough to provide a good coverage . So a mixture of multiple foundations and concealers is required to make the models face flawless .

    6. Face Glow = Lip Balm
    The sparkly, shiny, greasy lipbalm does wonders to the skin bringing that natural subtle glow .

    7. Covering their body with makeup and lotion
    The thing is to make sure thay any exposed part of the body doesn't appear with an uneven skin tone . So shimmery foundations and mixture of lotions is applied .


    1. Use " Propolis " for anything that's wrong with your skin , nails or hair.

    2. Use coconut oil on your skin and hair.

    3. Moisturizing cream made from quinoa for curly hair.

    4. Eat for your skin.

    5. Stay clear and simple at night before going to sleep.

    6 . Facial moisturizer by Aveeno.

    7. Avene Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream.


Stay happy, confident, and smiling  because beauty begins from inside out.

All the best !

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