Monday, 13 February 2017

six models london model agency linking service - Are the a good agency! - watch my review.

six models london model agency linking service  - I THINK THEY ARE GREAT - ME and my BF both recommend them!

As a young boy growing up on the streets of London, I had a lot of dreams and aspirations, a few of them was to become a very rich man in the future and influence good works with my money. Like people say, a dream can be made a reality if you do no sleep on it and I had a that dream and I did not sleep on mine, a dream to become one of the top London models. 

Well it all started when my path crossed with six models london model agency , I was then a teen, nineteen for that matter and was in the park on one of my lone and solitary walks, a newspaper reading “do you want to awaken the model beast in you and feed it to take you to greater heights?  Are you a young person who would just like to experience how the modelling platform is like? Then log on to six model and lets get you there.

To be honest, I was not moved really but fortunately the paper to was probably for someone and the person might have left it on the bench. 

I decided to look through when I saw a whole page dedicated to this modelling platform with outstanding and unique pictures that came from a photoshoot, with before and after shoots showing big differences in the models. 

I must say, they were really impressive], not because of nice or how expensive the outfits for the models looked but rather how positive everything turned out to be. From there, I went to the Library, which was a few blocks away from the entrance of the park and visited their website, I read a few info and signed up and sent and application. 

A few days later I was invited through email to the agency, after some interaction with the team of experts I was given a chance. 

I must say that the team is so rich with professionals who really have the expertise and experience to make you go very far and this marvelled me a lot, but I came to understand the terms that they themselves did not get such experience on their own but through years with more experienced in the top modelling agencies. After a few more interactions,

 I myself discovered that I had a lot of potential.

The ice breaker that turned my whole life around was when I had my first test photoshoot with six models london model agency.

 well I was not the only first timer experiencing a professional photoshoot from an expert photographer for the first time. 

He was actually very good. Before the photoshoot we were prepped up, styled amazing makeup-artist, hair and fashion stylist creating a range of looks to which suited the models and were appropriate bringing out more professionalism and beauty. 

Aside the free photoshoot at various locations and in different out fits, they offered free advice and council, I wanted to move forward more so I found out six models london model agency  can help me build my portfolio and give me more good model reviews.

Finally, after a few grooming from six models london model agency , I got signed to a reputable modelling agency on a massive contract all because six models london model agency  provided me with the modelling platform, now I can boldly say I am on my way to become one of the top London models. 

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