Thursday, 16 February 2017

Six Modelling Platform - Six Models - REVIEW OF SIX MODELS

The Day My life changed - Six Modelling Platform

Venturing into the modelling world will always remain a delicate task most especially for plus-size folks like me. Right from when I was a kid, I have always harboured the thought of becoming a model someday despite the fact that I don’t have the body type that most models I see have. It never discouraged me though as a have a different idea of what beautiful means and I am not the type that easily conforms to stereotypes.

I have been living on my dreamland until last year when a close friend brought my attention to an article online about an agency called Six Modelling Platform. I initially scoffed at the idea but looking back, I think that day changed the entire course of my life and made my dream a reality.
As I would come to realize, Six Modelling Platform is a modelling organization that is responsible for bringing a lot of plus size models into the limelight, including me. And I would be forever grateful to them for that. My ascent to the top all started with a test shoot for Six Modelling Platform. I walked into their office that fateful day feeling very uncomfortable and unsure of myself about what to expect but all that change within a few minutes of interacting with them. They made me feel completely relaxed and confident despite having no prior experience. After speaking to some of their staff, I was completely sure I could do it and was ready to roll!

Of course, the shoot was all fun and exciting. It started with a trip to a professional fashion photography studio in London. There I had a range of pictures taken in various outfits and locations. I was also afforded the services of professional make-up artist, hair and fashion stylist and a host of other professional hands that made sure I had my best look for the photo shoot session. It was a thoroughly exciting experience for me and I guess a lot of other people that has gone through their doors.

The best part of my experience came after the photo shoot session though. I was offered free consulting service on how to start a career in the modelling world and not long after, I was gainfully employed and living my new modelling life to the fullest.

Since then, I have ventured into a couple of other niche like catalogue modelling and high street fashion. It is important to note that there advice and guidance played a huge role in the success of my modelling journey after then. Without them I do not think I would be as successful as I am today.
While I was with them, I discovered my image and learned how to make it adaptable as possible with hair, make-up and clothing. I also learned how to pose and take directions. I also created a professional portfolio that displayed my talent and style. All this played a big part in helping me tie down my first and most important job. I am forever grateful too Six Modelling Platform

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